The Beavers

Anti-Trust Policy

Marketplace Integrity:
The Beavers Commitment to the Antitrust Laws

"The competitive contract system is the cornerstone of the construction industry." This statement, taken directly from The Beavers' Philosophy and General Objectives, summarizes our commitment to the nation's antitrust laws. We deeply believe that "skill, responsibility and integrity" are crucial to our mutual success. We believe that the "good Beaver" practices ethical principles. In the competitive marketplace, this commitment means we must each know and follow the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws. The Beavers strongly endorses this commitment.

The antitrust laws, enacted by Congress and other states, protect the free market that has served us all so well. These laws are tough, individual violators face huge fines and go to jail. Companies can be bankrupted with fines, penalties, and treble damage awards. Violations can mean loss of ability to perform any government contract work.

The antitrust laws prohibit agreements that unreasonably limit competition. These laws also contain other provisions not covered here and can be very complex, but the basic points are straightforward: It is illegal for competitors to agree to fix or stabilize prices, rig bids, limit production or output, or divide up customers, territories or markets. It is also illegal to agree on group boycotts. These laws cover a broad range of conduct. Therefore, members of The Beavers should not even discuss prices, discounts, terms and conditions of sale, markets, customers, costs and other factors that affect competition and bidding.

Discussions before, during or after meetings of The Beavers should not cover any antitrust sensitive matters. If there is ever any doubt or question about what is being discussed, STOP and get advice. Make it clear to all concerned that a member of The Beavers will not take part in any anti-competitive conduct or discussion.